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Rocky Mountain News – Feb 4 2006

Newmont responsible on environment, Greenpeace co-founder says

February 4, 2006

As I sit with Emanuel in the backyard of his new house in Ntotoroso, Ghana, surrounded by his wife, children, in-laws and mother, the enterprising dad explains through an interpreter how his family hasn’t looked back since coming to the new settlement. He operates a home-based business, has managed to purchase some nearby farmland, and volunteers as chairman of the water sanitation committee, overseeing the process that ensures safe drinking water for his family and neighbors. In short, Emanuel and his family are feeling optimistic. Read more


La Oroya

Doe Run Peru’s La Oroya Makes Great Strides

Dr. Patrick Moore
January 2, 2005

I recently found myself at 12,400 feet in the Peruvian Andes, witnessing a noisy demonstration led by Mayor Clemente Quincho of the small mountain village of La Oroya. Read more

Doe Run Q&A

Interview with Dr. Patrick Moore, February 18, 2005


Private US metals company Doe Run purchased the controversial La Oroya polymetallic smelter-refinery in Peru’s central Lima department in 1997, at which time the company was given until the end of 2006 to implement an environmental cleanup program at the plant. Read more