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Vancouver Sun – November 18, 2011

Monopoloy for forest certification is wrong

NOVEMBER 17, 2011

Imagine a situation in which an activist group with certain political ambitions and close ties to a computer manufacturer engaged in a campaign of threats against specific retailers. Read more


National Post- March 30, 2011

Wood is Good

Patrick Moore, National Post • Mar. 30, 2011 |

I believe trees are the answer to many questions about the future of human civilization and the preservation of the environment. Questions like, “What is the most environmentally friendly material for home construction?” “How can we pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere and how can we offset the greenhouse gas emissions caused by our excessive use of fossil fuels?” “How can we build healthy soils and keep our air and water clean?” “How can we provide more habitat for wildlife and biodiversity?” “How can we increase literacy and provide sanitary tissue products in developing countries?” “How can we make this earth more green and beautiful?” The answer to all these questions and more is “trees.” Trees show us there can be more than one answer to a question, and sometimes the answers seem to contradict one another. But I hope to demonstrate that just because we love trees and recognize their environmental value doesn’t mean we shouldn’t use them for our own needs. Read more

Vancouver Sun, Financial Post, Earth Times – Nov 17, 2010

Greenpeace Co-Founder and Former Leader Commends Asia Pulp & Paper’s Commitment to Sustainability, Social Programs and the Environment

Greenpeace Co-Founder and Former Leader Commends Asia Pulp & Paper’s Commitment to Sustainability, Social Programs and the Environment

November 17, 2010 Read more

Vancouver Sun: March 4 2009

Don’t feel guilty: Use soft toilet paper for your derriere

By Patrick Moore
March 4, 2009

Greenpeace, with strong support from the Natural Resources Defense Council, has come out against the sale of soft toilet tissue made with ‘virgin’ fiber. Greenpeace claims that using trees to make toilet paper is worse for the environment than driving Hummers or building McMansions. Read more

Vancouver Sun – An inconvenient fact – August 29 2007

An Inconvenient Fact

Despite the anti-forestry scare tactics of celebrity movies, trees are the most powerful concentrators of carbon on Earth Dr. Patrick Moore is a co-founder of Greenpeace and chairman and chief scientist of Greenspirit Strategies Ltd. in Vancouver.

by Patrick Moore
Special to the Sun
August 29, 2007

It seems like there’s a new doomsday documentary every month. But seldom does one receive the coverage that Hollywood activist Leonardo DiCaprio’s latest climate-change rant, The 11th Hour, is getting. Read more

Edmonton Journal – August 15 2007

Dr. Patrick Moore
August 15 2007

Anti-forestry activists are busying themselves with a new and scientifically groundless campaign against forestry in Canada’s boreal forest.

The current campaign has all the hallmarks of previous anti-forestry activism on the BC Coast, particularly the attempt to cloak unreasonable campaign objectives in language that appears reasonable on the surface. Read more

Green Guru Sees the Good for the Trees

By Philip Hopkins , December 16, 2006

In 1978, Patrick Moore was arrested in eastern Canada for sitting on top of a baby seal to save it from hunters’ clubs. A picture of the incident appeared in 3000 newspapers around the world the next morning. Read more